Zomig Nasal Spray

(129 customer reviews)

Zomig Nasal Spray contains the active ingredient Zolmitriptan and helps to relieve migraines.


129 reviews for Zomig Nasal Spray

  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    I suffer with Migraines. Nothing else helps, but these tablets. Amazing!!

  2. Jacqui Pittaway (verified owner)

    The only tablets that help my migraines

  3. Jazz (verified owner)

    The only one that is helping deal with my migraine

  4. Nihat (verified owner)

    Best product and fast delivery (next day)

  5. Customer (verified owner)

    Great product.

  6. John Ballard (verified owner)

    Massively helps my migraines

  7. DAVID WALL (verified owner)

    works really fast !

  8. Customer Maria Markham (verified owner)

    These tablets are the best for my Migraine..

  9. PETER (verified owner)

    fantastic for migraine sufferers, thank you.

  10. russ (verified owner)

    brill service

  11. Diane (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and good priced product

  12. Gail (verified owner)

    Excellent product good value for money

  13. Filomena (verified owner)

    Amazing product! It works wonders for migraines. It really is the only medication that works amongst all those I’ve been trying over the years. It gives your day back to you!! 🙂 Totally recommended!

  14. David (verified owner)

    Delivered on time and great value for money.

  15. meadow vale carpets ltd (verified owner)

    Treats my migraines and gives me great relief. Thank you

  16. Alison (verified owner)

    These tablets keep my migraines at bay.

  17. Bettina Schoenberger (verified owner)

    Good value for money

  18. Gail (verified owner)

    Exactly the same as from my GP.

  19. Julie (verified owner)

    The only thing that cures my migraines

  20. Sarah (verified owner)

    My go-to product for my all-to-frequent migraines. Am so glad I found them on this site.

  21. Mrs Langton (verified owner)

    Works well for me every time

  22. Gus Maitland (verified owner)

    quality product. It really helps

  23. Mrs Karen Winter (verified owner)

    Brilliantly effective

  24. julianne willis (verified owner)

    The only thing that works for my migraine and I can buy them when I need them. Better value if you buy more.

  25. customer (verified owner)

    Really good

  26. Dianne Pearce (verified owner)

    excellent for migraine

  27. Brenda Thompson (verified owner)

    A must to keep in for migraine sufferers for sure.

  28. Bonnie Mitchell (verified owner)

    It’s the migraine medication I needed. It works.

  29. Michelle lister (verified owner)

    Brilliant products

  30. Martyn Shenstone (verified owner)

    Good quality that seems to work perfectly well, best value for money I’ve found.

  31. John Ballard (verified owner)

    Supposed to sort migraines, do, job done

  32. Mrs Karen Winter (verified owner)

    The only thing that beats my migraine.

  33. Trish (verified owner)

    This product is great value for money, they are a lot more expensive on other websites and they work really well for migraines.

  34. Brenda Thompson (verified owner)

    Works well when needed

  35. Caryn Harris (verified owner)

    A absolute life saver to any one that suffers migraines like me

  36. Jude (verified owner)

    Only tablets which get rid of my migraines.

  37. Adele Danskin (verified owner)

    If I catch my migaraine at the right time these tablets work a dream. I can function with just a niggle of a headache, which is better than a full blown attack.

  38. Customer Joanne Spicer (verified owner)

    Brilliant when ever I feel a migraine coming on i take one of these and it stops it

  39. Clive (verified owner)

    These are fantastic for migraines but I only use them in consultation with my doctor.

  40. Michelle (verified owner)

    Quick and easy to order,very handy when you suffer from migraines and hard to get out to get thankyou

  41. mrs jane shock (verified owner)

    Great product for migraine

  42. Kirsty (verified owner)

    Items as described. Prompt delivery.

  43. Dad (verified owner)

    Clears my migraine symptoms (both nausea & headache) within 30 minutes. Excellent product.

  44. Alison (verified owner)

    In my experience the medication works well

  45. Radz Ann (verified owner)

    Love this website! It is the most accessible pharmacy ever!

  46. Adele (verified owner)

    Works in 15 minutes avoiding a three day migraine. It is a definitely a miracle drug

  47. Ms Pamela Jayne Jordan (verified owner)

    Absolute game changer for migraine sufferers

  48. Graeme (verified owner)

    Perfect and just what I need. Always in stock for my migraine prevention.

  49. Andrea (verified owner)

    Easy to use and trouble free

  50. Gillian (verified owner)

    Works quickly enabling life to go on as normal

  51. Tracey Doyle (verified owner)

    This is the only product that gets rid of my migraine, it’s a god send!

  52. Rebeccah (verified owner)

    Really helps when I get a migraine

  53. Caroline (verified owner)

    As I am unable to get them over the counter , and as a chronic migraine sufferer your company are most helpful

  54. Karin Fotheringham (verified owner)

    Great product for migraines

  55. Sarah Hillery (verified owner)

    It works well

  56. Maria (verified owner)

    What more can I say product used for many years and your product was fine

  57. Lorraine (verified owner)

    Works great for me, and I will buy again from this company.

  58. Madeleine (verified owner)

    I’ve used this medication for many years and it gives me peace of mind that when I feel a migraine coming on I have it to hand

  59. Glenys (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. Very pleased medication working well. So pleased I can buy online

  60. Katharine (verified owner)

    Received as expected and quickly.

  61. Jackie (verified owner)

    The supplies make my life better

  62. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Reliable and quick service

  63. Wendy (verified owner)

    I have ordered before however very helpful in recommending correct medicines then supplying very quickly after short questionnaire

  64. Mrs Ruth Davies (verified owner)

    Really help my migraines when taken early enough.

  65. Karen (verified owner)

    This product really works for me!

  66. Mandy (verified owner)

    Quality products easy to order

  67. Julie (verified owner)

    This has helped me manage my migraines and made a huge difference to my quality of life!

  68. Richard (verified owner)

    Effective migraine relief that works within 20 minutes, I carry it everywhere I go.

  69. Mrs Caron Clipston (verified owner)

    Effective migraine reliever

  70. Denise Prowse (verified owner)

    Brilliant tablets

  71. Jason (verified owner)

    Good service fast delivery

  72. Joanna (verified owner)

    Really helpful with migraine

  73. Jan Murray (verified owner)

    It is the only tablet that has a positive impact on my migraines. I can’t rate them highly enough.

  74. Natasha (verified owner)

    Works for my migraines

  75. Ms Anastassia Kuznetsova (verified owner)

    Helps alot with migraines

  76. Alison (verified owner)

    Best online pharmacy I have ever used – will use again

  77. The Colonel (verified owner)

    Kills (my) migraines stone dead, although with some drowziness/discoordination side effects -would recommend that anyone with migraines at least take a stab at it.

  78. Alison (verified owner)

    My migraine had gone after 20 mins. Would highly recommend this product.

  79. Nicola Bloomfield (verified owner)

    Lifesaver for my migraines. Wished l had known about these years ago.

  80. Mark (verified owner)

    Works as good as branded products

  81. Hollie (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. And great delivery

  82. Claire (verified owner)

    Quality product at a very good price.

  83. Pamela (verified owner)

    The most effective medication for migraine. Excellent value for money

  84. Julie (verified owner)

    Excellent service highly recommend

  85. Ruth (verified owner)

    Excellent really helps with my migraine if taken early enough.

  86. Alison (verified owner)

    Brilliant service and very thorough with information – very professional

  87. Sandra (verified owner)

    Tablets work quickly and small and easy to swallow.

  88. Ed (verified owner)

    Efficient delivered on time

  89. Oana (verified owner)

    The best medicines for migraine!

  90. JULIE FULLERTON (verified owner)

    I have tried many migraine tablets and this is only one that seems to work for me.

  91. Julie Coughlin (verified owner)

    Product is the exact make I use gor my migrane headaches. It works very well for me.

  92. K s (verified owner)

    Fast working medicine for migriane

  93. Doreen (verified owner)

    Very effective relief for migraines, would recommend.

  94. Tim (verified owner)

    Works Within one hour of taking

  95. Anne (verified owner)

    Excellent efficient service

  96. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Excellent product works every time

  97. Aileen White (verified owner)

    The only medication that relieves my migraine. Taking one 50mg tablet at the onset will relieve the pain or significantly reduce it, within 30 minutes.

  98. curstomer (verified owner)

    Works every time for me

  99. Clare (verified owner)

    The supply what I need at a great price.

  100. Waynner (verified owner)

    Works really quick for me

  101. SueC (verified owner)

    Effective for migraine

  102. Valerie (verified owner)

    This is the only medication that relieves my migraines

  103. Pamela (verified owner)

    The only thing that works for my migraine

  104. Helen (verified owner)

    Fantastic product

  105. Catherine (verified owner)

    Great service and price.

  106. Mrs Ruth Davies (verified owner)

    Excellent product really helps my migraine if taken early enough.

  107. Hopefully (verified owner)

    Product works well

  108. Carolyn (verified owner)

    I’m buying something that really works at last

  109. Artur (verified owner)

    Only thing that helps me with my migraine

  110. Margaret (verified owner)

    Quick easy service. Swift delivery

  111. Lorraine (verified owner)

    The only thing that sorts the migraine out

  112. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Great selection, reasonable prices, terrifically fast delivery. I regularly rely on them for my migraine meds.

  113. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Brilliant Thanks!

  114. Rachel (verified owner)

    Only medication that has ever stopped a migraine

  115. Jill Clark (verified owner)

    The only one that works on my migraines. Even half a tablet works for a not too bad one.

  116. Judith (verified owner)


  117. Yvonne Lancashire (verified owner)

    Very effective, fast acting treatment for migraine. I’d definitely recommend it.

  118. Sherry Marks (verified owner)

    Works every time for my migraines!

  119. Claire (verified owner)

    Amazing for migraines, always use this product.

  120. Daphne (verified owner)

    Works very well for me. I get prompt relief from my migraines

  121. Sue (verified owner)

    Brilliant product for migraines

  122. Samantha (verified owner)

    Fantastic for migraine relief. Fast acting

  123. Alicia (verified owner)

    All round excellent service

  124. Stephen (verified owner)

    Because they work as explained in description of the item.

  125. Bz (verified owner)

    Excellent product, and always effective on migraine headaches.

  126. a ashby (verified owner)

    does what its supposed too, really helps with migranes

  127. Richard (verified owner)

    Always works for me, great product

  128. Tracey (verified owner)

    Great usual quality – did the job!

  129. Nicola (verified owner)

    Does what it says on the box

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