Ventolin Inhaler

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The Ventolin Inhaler is used to treat asthma and works by opening up the airways to make it easier to breathe. It is used for quick relief of symptoms and is otherwise known as the blue ‘reliever’ inhaler.

  • To ensure good asthma control, we will only issue a maximum of 2 inhalers in any 12 week period. If you require an inhaler more frequently, it may be a sign you need to have your asthma reviewed.
  • If you are ordering because you have lost your inhaler, please let us know.

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42 reviews for Ventolin Inhaler

  1. Thuria (verified owner)

    I just want to say what a lovely website you have!
    I am a regular customer of your online pharmacy. Thank you for always being so brilliant <3

  2. Thuria (verified owner)

    Salbutamol inhaler works as always- I couldn’t do without!

  3. Thuria (verified owner)

    This has been a fantastic product for me, sometimes after a long cycle ride, I need a quick puff and e-surgery always provides for me.

  4. Thuria (verified owner)

    Works as it should.

  5. Thuria (verified owner)

    Exactly the same as the inhaler from my surgery pharmacy.

  6. Thuria (verified owner)

    Worked as I expected.

  7. Thuria (verified owner)

    Was a little dubious to begin with as it’s so much cheaper than other online pharmacies, but this is exactly the same drug that I get at my local pharmacy. Really glad to have found these guys. Thank you!

  8. Thuria (verified owner)

    Came very quickly! Lifesaver as I needed a spare for camping

  9. Thuria (verified owner)

    The inhaler was the same as from my local chemist, worked as expected.

  10. Thuria (verified owner)

    Works well, good to have a spare.

  11. Thuria (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and same exact Ventolin inhaler I get from my local Pharmacy.

  12. Thuria (verified owner)

    Same Ventolin inhaler I always get, just works

  13. Thuria (verified owner)

    Its all good. Same Ventolin Evohaler I’m used to getting.

  14. Thuria (verified owner)

    Box arrived a bit crushed but the inhaler works just fine. Wouldn’t hesitate to reorder.

  15. Thuria (verified owner)

    Product is excellent, same quality inhaler. I always recommend having spares on hand, peace of mind is priceless!

  16. Thuria (verified owner)

    The inhaler came fast and lasted just as expected. Good experience.

  17. Thuria (verified owner)

    There was a delay in getting them but I’m convinced this was Royal Mail fault. Inhaler itself works flawlessly.

  18. Thuria (verified owner)

    Never used an online pharmacy before but the inhalers arrived as promised and work flawlessly.

  19. Thuria (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly. No issues at all.

  20. Thuria (verified owner)

    Always got on with the branded Ventolin inhaler the best, very reliable.

  21. Thuria (verified owner)

    Very good asthma inhaler.

  22. Thuria (verified owner)

    Inhaler has never let me down.

  23. Thuria (verified owner)

    Great to have at least on inhaler as a backup. Never had them go wrong yet.

  24. Thuria (verified owner)

    Regardless of what anyone says, hands down better than the generic version. Always go for this one.

  25. Thuria (verified owner)

    This asthma inhaler always works unlike the salbutamol one that occasionally doesn’t pump properly.

  26. Thuria (verified owner)

    Good and reliable inhaler. Go for the Ventolin Evohaler brand.

  27. Thuria (verified owner)

    Came as the same Ventolin I get from local chemist. Very good.

  28. Thuria (verified owner)

    Quality inhaler. Delivery was very quick as well!

  29. Thuria (verified owner)

    Inhaler worked perfectly and arrived promptly, cheers

  30. Thuria (verified owner)

    Inhaler delivered quickly and worked as it should

  31. Thuria (verified owner)

    Thank you for the Ventolin inhaler. No problems at all.

  32. Thuria (verified owner)

    Inhaler works perfectly.

  33. Thuria (verified owner)

    Ordered a salbutamol one and it just didn’t pump. Contacted the e-Surgery people and had a human answer the phone and they sent out a new one.

  34. Thuria (verified owner)

    Inhalers are the proper UK branded Ventolin. Used another online pharmacy and had some dodgy russian thing sent to me.

  35. Thuria (verified owner)

    Inhalers are the proper UK branded Ventolin. Used another online pharmacy and had some dodgy russian thing sent to me. Quick delivery too!

  36. Thuria (verified owner)

    Quality inhaler, seems to last for ages.

  37. Thuria (verified owner)

    Proper Pfizer brand Ventolin Evohaler. Thank you!

  38. Thuria (verified owner)

    Same blue puffer I get from my local chemist, just without the hassle.

  39. Thuria (verified owner)

    Great to have a spare puffer in my handbag. Works as it should.

  40. Thuria (verified owner)

    Great product, saves me the hassle of going to my gp surgery every time I need a spare inhaler!

  41. Thuria (verified owner)

    My GP doesn’t like to give the Ventolin brand ones because they cost more, but I’m convinced they work better than Salbutamol. Glad I have options!

  42. Thuria (verified owner)

    Found out my inhalers were going to be expired but I couldn’t get a GP appointment because of covid. These arrived the next day. Brilliant service, great to have back-ups!

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