Sildenafil Tablets (Generic Viagra)

(28 customer reviews)

Sildenafil tablets contain the active ingredient in Viagra which helps men to achieve and maintain an erection. It is the original erectile dysfunction medication and has helped millions of men.

Onset of Action: 30min-1hour

Duration of Action: 4-6hours


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28 reviews for Sildenafil Tablets (Generic Viagra)

  1. Thuria (verified owner)

    Got both TEVA and Accord brand sildenafil tablets when I ordered in the past. Both work just as well.

  2. Thuria (verified owner)

    Sometimes you just need a little extra help and e-surgery provided me with that.

  3. Thuria (verified owner)

    Buy these Sildenafil Tablets (Generic Viagra)

  4. Thuria (verified owner)

    Hard as a pipe after these tablets!

  5. Thuria (verified owner)

    I used to buy Viagra connect from the local chemist but these are just as good at a fraction of the price.

  6. Thuria (verified owner)

    The 100mg tablets gave me red bloodshot eyes. Not very attractive.

  7. Thuria (verified owner)

    Just as good as the branded stuff, always go for sildenafil from now on.

  8. Thuria (verified owner)

    Medication arrived exactly when expected and worked perfectly. Saved me lots of time and headache going to my local surgery!

  9. Thuria (verified owner)

    Quality generic viagra tablets and long expiry date.

  10. Thuria (verified owner)

    Work well and work consistently unlike some knock offs you can find online. Seem to give less sides effects as well.

  11. Thuria (verified owner)

    Gave me quite bloodshot eyes whenever I took these. Try the 50mg before going up to the 100s.

  12. Thuria (verified owner)

    Very good tablets, last long enough.

  13. Thuria (verified owner)

    I have been using these for the last 6 months and they have always provided me with the erection I needed.

  14. Thuria (verified owner)

    Exact same product as my regular pharmacy. Will use again.

  15. Thuria (verified owner)

    Better than expected, used Kamagra before but the sildenafil tablets are definitely stronger.

  16. Thuria (verified owner)

    Have been sent Accord brand and this works just as well as the branded Pfizer Viagra. Except at a fraction of the price!

  17. Thuria (verified owner)

    Arrived next day and are UK marked sildenafil tablets with long expiry date. Great service.

  18. Thuria (verified owner)

    Very happy with these tablets from e-Surgery. UK address and long expiry on the carton and they work as advertised.

  19. Thuria (verified owner)

    Needed these for holiday and worked very well.

  20. Thuria (verified owner)

    Used to buy the kamagra brand tablets but these work much better. Good price as well.

  21. Thuria (verified owner)

    These tablets were exactly what I needed and expected. Will order again soon.

  22. Thuria (verified owner)

    Received the TEVA tablets, which were very long expiry and worked well.

  23. Thuria (verified owner)

    Tried one never worked tried two 50mg and was erect on and off all night happy during a stressful time

  24. Thuria (verified owner)

    Good quality UK pills.

  25. Thuria (verified owner)

    It just works. Not much more to say.

  26. Thuria (verified owner)

    Tablets worked better than expected! Very pleased.

  27. Thuria (verified owner)

    Good product, much cheaper then the branded Viagra!

  28. Thuria (verified owner)

    TEVA tablets are white unlike the Accord, have received both in the past from e-Surgery but both work just as well.

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