Omeprazole Capsules

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Omeprazole capsules are a medication often used to treat acid reflux, otherwise known as heart burn, effectively. Omeprazole capsules are a proton pump inhibitor which reduces the amount of acid and decreases bouts of acid reflux.

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11 reviews for Omeprazole Capsules

  1. Brian S

    Worked very well to stop my acid reflux.

  2. Allen McGregor

    Same omeprazole capsules as what I get from the local chemist.

  3. Manny

    Very good tablets for acid reflux. Pain to get out of the blister though.

  4. Chris

    Received the TEVA brand tablets which worked quite good.

  5. Frank

    Hassle to get out of the blisters, but medication works very well to get rid of heartburn.

  6. Gregory

    Work quickly and work well.

  7. Freddie B

    Never needed anything stronger than the 20mg Omeprazole capsules. Very good at sorting acid reflux.

  8. Nancy

    One of the capsules split open but other than that they work brilliantly.

  9. Karol

    Quick to work and relive my symptoms every time.

  10. Charlie Miller

    TEVA branded capsules just like I get from my GP. Comes out cheaper to buy it from esurgery.

  11. Corey T

    Works quickly. Much better than any over the counter stuff.

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