Naproxen Tablets

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Naproxen 250mg tablets contain a medicine called Naproxen. Naproxen tablets are a ‘Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug’ or NSAID which can lessen pain, swelling, redness and heat (inflammation).

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5 reviews for Naproxen Tablets

  1. Paige Hall (verified owner)

    These tablets are a lifesaver for heavy periods. They are far better than anything else I’ve tried.

  2. Paige Hall (verified owner)

    I suffer from very painful periods and Naproxen works best for this. Far better than any ibuprofen tablets!

  3. Paige Hall (verified owner)

    Very good tablets, relieved the pain quickly.

  4. Paige Hall (verified owner)

    The only tablets that really work for me.

  5. Paige Hall (verified owner)

    I find these work far better than any tablets available over the counter.

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