Azithromycin Tablets (3 Day Chlamydia Treatment)

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Azithromycin is an antibiotic drug commonly prescribed to treat chlamydia infections.

IMPORTANT: The most recent UK guidance for chlamydia infection is a 3-day course (NOT 1-day anymore) prescribed as 1000mg on the first day (all in one dose), followed by 500mg for days 2 and 3.

To ensure responsible antibiotic use, our prescribers will issue the most appropriate treatment based on your online consultation. If your partner requires treatment they will need to complete their own consultation. 

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21 reviews for Azithromycin Tablets (3 Day Chlamydia Treatment)

  1. Blake

    Tablets came quickly with no issues.

  2. Caroline

    Bought the azithromycin online as it was much quicker. Seemed to work, tests came back negative 2 weeks later.

  3. Elizabeth Moris

    Quick and easy. Thank you.

  4. Absinthe Alandia

    Brilliant! So glad I don’t have to go to my GP

  5. Edward W

    Cheapest price (if you count shipping costs) for azithromycin tablets. Test came back all clear so this stuff is legit.

  6. lavadoras y secadoras industriales

    Does what it says, can’t complain!

  7. Rebecca

    No side effects just worked.

  8. Nathan

    Used to be one tablet but they changed it to 3 days. Still very easy, just remember to take it once daily and sorted.

  9. Bobby G

    Good tablets. I had a positive chlamydia test and was much easier to get it from here.

  10. Anonymous

    Didn’t notice any bad side effects.

  11. Kelly

    Had a bit of upset stomach after these but worth being STI free.

  12. Mike

    I’m not good at remembering tablets and this was quite a straightforward course. Had a bit of upset stomach but seemed better if I took the tablets with food.

  13. Nicole


  14. Harriet

    Fairly big tablets to swallow. Luckily didnt give me any other issues other than that so overall I’m happy.

  15. Jim

    Was the cheapest option online for these and seemed to have sorted my problem.

  16. Claudia

    Tablets worked as promised. 5*

  17. Anyonymous

    Easy to take, got checked after and all clear!

  18. Terrence

    They just work.


    Thanks it works. very good trustworthy service- will use again when/if required

  20. Frank

    Problem sorted in 3 days thanks to these tablets.

  21. David

    Tablets worked perfectly, thank you!

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